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With great emotion, we wish to share with you the most memorable moments from these 5 days of JWOC . Every second was filled with overwhelming intensity, and the athletes' efforts reached their maximum potential. Looking back at this adrenaline-filled and emotional experience, we are delighted to have had the privilege of sharing this adventure with beautiful people, both inside and outside. We were all connected through our common love for the sport and our desire to push our limits. We shouted, applauded, and celebrated every victory, sharing the joy within a boundaryless community. These images depict moments of courage, determination, and sacrifice. We witnessed athletes giving their all, surpassing their own limits, and battling challenging terrains. We admired their undeniable spirit and the magnificence with which they faced the challenges, transforming them into brilliant victories. Therefore, dear friends, let us keep this flame of passion alive in our hearts and prepare ourselves for new challenges and adventures in the near future. We will meet again next year in the Czech Republic for a grand spectacle of orienteering! Let us continue to live with intensity, surpass our limits, and give our best in this astonishing journey.


We are very proud and honored to welcome you to Baia Mare for the 2023 Junior World Orienteering Championships. This competition will gather gifted young people from over 35 countries to express their talent at the highest level. We are committed to make the championship a great event and promote the image and importance of orienteering by involving as many entities as possible. We are looking forward to meeting you in Baia Mare! Good luck in the championship!
JWOC 2023 - Baia Mare, Romania - Stefan Blasko
Ing. Stefan BLASKO
General director CS Electro Sistem LTD Baia Mare
and JWOC 2023 honorary president
It’s been ages since first ever JWOC in Romania, I was just a primary school kid in ’96, looking at future gods of orienteering running in Romanian forests, never thinking that I’ll be involved later to repeat the event, after almost 30 years, and put Romanian maps in the hands of the best runners of the world again! On behalf of the Romanian Orienteering Federation, I’m surely honored and very pleased to welcome orienteers from all over the world to experience the greatest juniors orienteering event of year 2023, in Maramures County, in one of the greatest Romanian orienteering venues! All our guests, participants in JWOC, JWOC-Tour or just officials, shall experience first class technical races, orienteering shows, but also entertainment, when you will discover local hospitality and the Romanian rich culture ! Join us for a unforgettable experience! Welcome in Romania, in July 2023!
JWOC 2023 - Ionut Patras
President of Romanian Orienteering Federation
As the director of the event, I would like to tell you that the entire city of Baia Mare, as well as the Romanian orienteering community, are looking forward to having you as our guests! Surely you will leave us with very pleasant memories, both related to the competition, the beauty of the area and the Romanian hospitality. We are all waiting for you!
JWOC 2023 - Baia Mare, Romania - Istvan Sebestyen
Event Director
I am very happy to be part of this event, I had always a special connection with the Maramures area, it is one of the most beautiful in Romania. Also here is an important orienteering core in Romania, which gave many national champions. The terrain is up to the level expected for an world championship. I also have the honor to actively participate in mapping and coursesettings. I hope that my experience gained over all these years will offer challenging races. We are looking forward to seeing you in Baia Mare !
Technical Director


3nd Training Camp



The third official training camp will be in 26 June – 01 July 2023. More details you can read here.



JWOC 2023 Program





Day 1, Saturday


Arrivals Model events for all competition


Day 2, Sunday


Model events for all competition Opening Ceremony TOMSprint


Day 3, Monday


Sprint-final, Medal Ceremony TOM Sprint Relay


Day 4, Tuesday


Sprint Relay(4 legs),Medal Ceremony TOM Middle Distance


Day 5, Wednesday


Middle Distance Race, Medal Ceremony

Middle distance

Day 6, Thursday


Rest day Long & Relay model event TOM Long Distance & Forest Relay

Long Distance

Day 7, Friday


Long Distance Race-final Medal Ceremony

Rest day

Day 8, Saturday


Forest Relay (3 legs), Medal Ceremony Coaches and VIP race –mass start Closing Ceremony and Banquet

Middle distance

Day 9, Sunday


Departure home

Departure home